Posted by: detailsbyhartman | April 3, 2008

Introducing Serenity Farm

I’d like to use some of this space to tell you about friends of ours.  For the last two years Jonathan and I have been volunteering our services to a non-profit organization called Serenity Farm.  The “Farm” is a place where horses, dogs, cats and giving people (most of whom are volunteers) are utilized in therapy programs known to bring about miracles.  In fact everyone who has spent time with Serenity Farm has a favorite tale of a miracle witnessed:  whether it be a child walking without leg braces, or speaking for the first time at the age of six.  Jonathan often tells the story of a young boy who laughed for the first time when two of the Farm’s canine volunteers visited his elementary school classroom.  What a privilege for Jonathan to have the opportunity to photograph that first.  We both feel lucky to be involved with this group of good people doing such good things.

I got a chance to photograph some of the volunteers at their training day this past weekend.  It was terrific to see some old friends as well as meet new people.

For more information on Serenity Farm please visit their website and check back with this blog often as I’ll be sharing some of our future Farm experiences.









  1. Hi! Jonathan and Brooke,
    Just checked out your sight. I see ” family” in those photos, comming together for the good of our Luckey Riders.You don’t need captions on any of the photos, they speak for themselves. God loves you and so do I. Annie

  2. Annie, Thanks for stopping to look and for the wonderful words. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. –Brooke

  3. Jonathan and Brooke: you have been priceless treasures to Serenity Farm with your talented photography skills! The kids and animals just seem to know when you are present and ready to “pose” for the camera. We look forward to your visits, and it always ends up producing so much fun for everyone. Thank You…for all that you do. Debra

  4. Deb, thank you for the words of praise. Jonathan and I both cherish the time we get to spend out at the farm.

  5. Great work.

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