Posted by: detailsbyhartman | May 28, 2008

Rochelle’s emergency senior shoot

I promised photos from our Raceway Park/ Greenfield Village weekend and I still plan to share those in the near future but in the meantime we’ve been having a lot of fun with engagement sessions and taking care of our seniors in the last weeks before graduation.

Rochelle graduates in a couple of weeks but her mother, Laurie, was still trying to find someone to take her senior pictures at the beginning of this month.  Laurie mentioned her need to Jonathan in passing and his response was, “Well you know I’m a photographer.”  We quickly made arrangements to fit them into our schedule and were able to get wallets to Rochelle in time to hand them out at school.

How lucky we found each other.  Rochelle and Laurie are both thrilled with the pictures and Jonathan and I loved photographing Rochelle.  Not only is she gorgeous, but she is super cool and a lot of fun to work with.  Rochelle was willing and excited to try anything we suggested.  Which, is how we ended up at some of our more unusual locations including an abandoned rail bridge and the middle of a fountain.  Picking out just a few of my favorite shots was nearly impossible but here is a small selection.








  1. You guys did a fabulous job! It shows she had a great time during her session.

  2. Thanks Joel, I’m glad you stopped by the blog to check out what’s new.

  3. Wow what a beauty. Beautiful pics.

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