Posted by: detailsbyhartman | August 24, 2008

Alexa & Ryan -married

Alexa and Ryan were married last month at Saint Patrick of Heatherdowns Parish.  The Catholic Mass included  the tradition of the unity candle as well as a lasso blessing, and presentation of flowers to Mary and wheat to Joseph.  The following descriptions are from the couples program:


A lasso is a large rosary, a ribbon, or a decorated cord that is symbolically draped around the necks or shoulders of the bride and the groom, groom first.  It is placed in a horizontal figure eight (infinity) while they are kneeling at the altar, to affirm their union and their commitment to always be together side-by side.  This wedding rosary is used to symbolize the unification of the couple through prayer.  The traditional belief is if the couple prays the rosary together every night their marriage will endure.

 Flowers to Mary & Joseph

Although not an official part of the Catholic wedding ceremony, many couples choose to include this beautiful custom in which the bride and groom entrust their marriage to Mary and Joseph, the perfect example of married and family life.  At this time, the married couple offers a prayer to the Holy Family to bless the marriage in harmony, peace, and love.

The reception at Graystone Hall was amazing.  Mariachis serenaded the guests throughout dinner.  The DJ took over for the dancing and once the guests were invited to join in, the floor stayed full all night.  A caller led everyone in a couple of square dances and the bridal party donned white sheets for a Scooby Doo “skit” (picture the groom in a green t-shirt) complete with the bride riding her own Mystery Machine around the dance floor.  Thank you Ryan, Alexa, and your families for making us feel so welcome.  We had a great time.



  1. I’m never surprised at how beautiful your photos are, but I’m allways amazed. Another beautiful wedding shoot, good work guys.

  2. Brooke & Jonathan, we want to thank you both so much for all you have done for us from our engagement photos, to wedding photos, to creating a wedding album. All your work is spectacular and really shows who we are as a couple! Thank you so much for all your hard work, time, and extra effort you put in to creating such amazing memories for us! You two are the best!

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