Posted by: detailsbyhartman | September 14, 2008

Meet Fred

I am a sucker for animals in need of rescue.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a large house in the country somewhere.  If I had the space I would no doubt take in every stray that came my way.  I know how hard it can be to find people to adopt when you foster an animal so when my Aunt Vic sent me this e-mail of course I wanted to help. 


Fred was dumped and showed up on our porch very skinny and hungry.
Fred is approx 6 months old, ( a guess based on his size). 
He has not been neutered.  He desperately wants a home and
I need to help him find one.   He is so cute I would keep him in
a New York minute, but Thunder and Yellow Cat have voted no. 
Given that they have the ability to make my life miserable (scent
marking their territory etc)  It’s really their decision.  If you are
considering a pet please consider my little tuxedoed friend.  Oh yes,
I call him Fred after Fred Astaire. given his long legs and tuxedo
markings.  If you have room for Fred you can call him whatever
you like, I’m sure he won’t mind.
I would take this cutie myself if our  home weren’t already bursting at the seams with pets.  Well, bursting might be an exaggeration, but we do have our hands full.

I think Fred looks like the perfect Halloween gift to give yourself (I never support giving pets as gifts to others).  No worries here about unlucky black cats; he’s got just enough white on him to ensure that he is a Treat rather than a Trick.


(photo courtesy of Vicki L.)

If you are interested in adopting Fred please send me a note via the “Contact Us” form.



  1. Brooke, thanks so much for helping us look for a new home for Fred. He’s such a cutie, I know he’ll be a great addition to someones family.

  2. Keep us all posted on his search for a new home.

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