Posted by: detailsbyhartman | October 3, 2008

New members at Serenity Farm


Jonathan and I got to meet the two newest members of the Serenity Farm team last weekend.  These little cuties, who were born at the Farm a few weeks ago, are healthy and happy.  Soon they will be exploring their environment and before long they will be a very welcome addition to the Pet Paws program.

Anyone who is interested in owning a cat of their own should consider adopting either from your local Humane Society or check out our little friend Fred who is still looking for a good home.



  1. Jonathan and Brooke, This picture is just precious and thank you for taking the time to photograph our new kittens! Sweetpea and Peanut of now 4 weeks old and very healthy kitties. They have both been well handled and will be joining in the Pet Paws program 3 weeks from now! Debra

  2. I know the “kitty corner” will be a big hit in Pet Paws. These little ones are going to get lots of love.

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