Posted by: detailsbyhartman | December 7, 2008

A Christmas Kick-off at Serenity Farm



I’m very behind on my blog posts so this is a bit late but a few weeks ago I was able to attend the Holiday Open House at Serenity Farm.  It was a fun and festive afternoon.  The Open House was a chance to raise money for Serenity Farm by selling Farm Fresh Recipes, the organization’s first cookbook full of healthy recipes provided by the volunteers and staff.  Also, available for sale were candles, t-shirts, and holiday decor.  Besides the fund-raising efforts it was a wonderful opportunity for volunteers to come together to visit.  I especially enjoyed spending time with the many dogs that were roaming around.  Dogs and horses alike were decked out in their Christmas finery.  Adding to the sense of holiday joy were the decorations adorning the barn and of course the many cookies and treats, of which I sampled more than my share.  The day brought our first good snow fall of the season but those of us inside were kept warm by good spirit and of course the kerosene heater helped.

Copies of Farm Fresh Recipes may be purchased individually or as a gift set including an apron and sticky notes  by calling the farm office at 419-833-1308.  All proceeds will benefit children’s programming.













  1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!!! Can I purchase some of them? You are so good at taking pictures at just the right time!

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