Posted by: detailsbyhartman | May 20, 2009

We’ve got birdies! (finally)

Weeks ago I discovered a mama bird had made her home on the light at the side door to our garage.  Despite a bad experience with a nasty robin two years ago (I had to carry an umbrella everytime I left or entered my house.) I was excited to be expecting again. 


So Jonathan and I kept an anxious watch for signs of babies.  We waited and we waited and we waited.  Mama never moved from the nest.


Nothing bothered her, not the dog barking up at her nor the night I lost my head and forgetting she was there waved my arms frantically in her direction just feet from her nest in an attempt to trigger the security light to come on.  Thankfully, she’s more stable than I am and she never gave up her post.  The wait went on so long we were starting to suspect all her protection was in vain until today when Jonathan discovered two surprisingly large heads looking back at him along with their mother.


The babies have finally made an appearance and from the looks of them they should be about ready to fly.  It’s no wonder we missed them all this time.  We never saw mama move from the nest to get food, nor did we ever hear any cries from the little ones.  I hope we’ll get to watch as the babies learn to fly and maybe one of them will come back in the future and make our humble light her home to raise babies of her own.




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