Posted by: detailsbyhartman | May 28, 2009

Jesse’s Senior Experience


I am so excited to blog  about Jesse’s senior pictures.  I love these photos.  Besides being a great hockey player (or so I’m told; I wouldn’t actually know a great hockey player if one wacked me with a puck) Jesse is a fantastic model.  He has an amazing GQ stare and not an ounce of self-consciousness in front of the camera.  Jesse’s senior experience was an all day event.  We did photos in the afternoon at two different locations and then met up with Jesse at the Tam-O-shanter to catch some action shots of him playing in a tournament.    Jesse had two games that night so we were able to take a break before we went back to the Tam about midnight to get some cool (sorry, no pun intended) pics on the ice.  The people at the Tam were nice enough to let us play on the ice before they closed down.  It was fun having the place to ourselves.  Jesse, who also mowed a lawn that morning, had to have been exhausted but he rocked.












Check out this cool video for even more of Jesse’s photos.  Simply click the arrow on the screen to start.


Class of 2010, contact us now to book your Senior Experience.



  1. Total Coolness!!
    If I was a senior again I would love to have you guys do my portraits.

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