Posted by: detailsbyhartman | July 18, 2009

I walked 2K for Serenity Farm

Earlier this summer I got to attend Serenity Farm’s second annual walk/ trot as the event photographer.  The event, held in downtown Pemberville, was a success.  They had a large crowd, both human and canine, turn out to walk/ trot/ or run the 2k and 5k courses.  I opted for the 2k route as I was lugging camera equipment (at least that’s the excuse I’m sticking with).  It was a lovely walk through the residential and downtown streets safely and generously guarded by officers of the area police departments.  Since I had never done one of these walks before and certainly never as a photographer I had overlooked an important  fact; every time I stopped to photograph something I had to make up the time to catch back up with the other participants.  I spent more time jogging with the aforementioned equipment than I would have liked.  I survived the exertion and made it back to the start line in decent time.  At the end of the event everyone cooled off with fruit and water while we cheered on the rest of the finishing participants.  I look forward to walking again next year.  Maybe I’ll do the 5k course, hmm maybe not.

Proceeds from the walk/trot went to promote children’s programming at Serenity Farm.  To learn more check out their website at













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