Posted by: detailsbyhartman | October 20, 2009

Shoot Out 2009- vineyard and vintage car

Hi all, it’s Jonathan; I am back at the keyboard.  This post is to talk about the week I packed up all my gear and drove for about 4 hours to St. Joseph, Michigan.  There I met up with a wonderful group of photographers.  We rented a house and worked towards one goal:  to take some killer images.  Now while there I couldn’t help but become friends with such an awesome group of people.  I will talk more about my week later but since I have gotten a request or two (um Jenni) I thought I better post something quick.  This is a cute couple, Linzi and Brice, who volunteered to be our models.  Thanks to Monika, a local photographer that was the backbone of setting up the shoots.  Seriously Monika you rock.   So on to the images.

IMG_1146 b


IMG_0540 b

IMG_0560 b

Linzi and Brice had just celebrated their one year anniversary and I love the way that the two look at each other.

IMG_0578 b

IMG_0676 b

IMG_0706 b

IMG_0718 b

IMG_0747 b Seriously isn’t this car fabulous? 

IMG_0802 b

IMG_1122 b

IMG_0848 b

IMG_0961 b

IMG_1047 b

IMG_1058 b

IMG_1132 b

 That was the first part of the day and then we all packed up and went to the Round Barn Winery.  We all partook in a sampling of some of the best the vineyard had to offer.  Then the rain came.  This is where we put Linzi and Brice to the test, and without  hesitation they were off.  They ran through the vines and nailed everything we asked of them.  Do you want to see?

IMG_1245 b

IMG_1166 suprfun b

 blog-1251 b

IMG_1332 b

IMG_1371 Superfun b

IMG_1385 b

IMG_1422 b

IMG_1431 midsep b

IMG_1482 b

A very big thank you to Linzi and Brice, quite possibly the hardest working models I’ve met. 

That is about all the fun for now.  I will post more soon.



  1. I love, love, love these! So glad you’re back.

    • Thanks Jenni, Sorry for the delay, busy busy busy

  2. That’s a happy problem! Look forward to seeing the rest.

  3. WOW ! I’m not often speechless.

  4. Stunning work Jonathan!

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