Posted by: detailsbyhartman | July 3, 2010

Kristina & Brandon -married

Kristina and Brandon booked us just two weeks before their wedding and I didn’t meet them until exactly one week before the wedding at a quick engagement shoot.  We hit it off instantly.  They both have such a great sense of humor; they are so fun to be around.  We laughed the whole time.

We woke, the morning of their wedding, to stormy skies.  It was pouring and I was freaking out because their wedding was scheduled to be held at noon on the lawn of the Dearborn Inn.  Jonathan, always the calm and confident one, assured me all would be just fine.  Of course it would be fine; if the wedding had to be moved inside then so be it but I hate to think of a couple having to settle.  We drove to Dearborn and by the time we arrived the rain had stopped and no more rain was in the forecast.  Beautiful.  The day was perfect.  We had lovely overcast skies for the short ceremony at the gazebo.  The ceremony itself was attended by only a few very close family.  It is humbling to be among the few who get to witness such an intimate event.

How gorgeous is Kristina?  The headband, the makeup, the dress… it all works together.   So elegant.

OK.  I don’t know what this last photo is about but Jonathan assures me I should include it.   Very romantic.



  1. Kristina and Brandon’s wedding photos are absolutely wonderful! You two did a fabulous job. Gotta love that last photo!

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