Posted by: detailsbyhartman | August 8, 2010

Gin Bunny

Remember Joe?   Joe is a drummer for the band Gin Bunny and since he is also one of my favorite people Jonathan and I, along with our friend Karen, went to see him play last weekend at Pizza Papalis.  Gin Bunny is made up of  Jay (vocals/guitar), Gabe (vocals/guitar/keyboard/harmonica/apparently any other instrument that is needed), Evan (bass guitar/backup vocals), and of course Joe (the aforementioned drums/very occasional vocals).  Their style is predominantly current and classic rock and they draw a large and diverse crowd whenever they play. Last Saturday we were there amongst friends and family of the band, the guests of a 40th birthday party, and a bachelorette party.  The music was enjoyed by all and the small dance floor filled up.  As for the three of us:  we had a great time.  Karen was literally bouncing in her chair to songs she loves.  Good music and good pizza (try the Seafood -yum) what could be better than that?  Gin Bunny plays regularly at Casa Barron, The Bronze Boar, and Pizza Papalis as well as other locations around town.  To find information for upcoming events and to learn more about that booze soaked bunny visit the band at



  1. The pictures of Gin Bunny turned out GREAT!!!!!! Very fun band. Definitely recommend everyone to go out to see them if you get the chance.

  2. Awesome pictures!!! Thanks Brooke and Jonathan!!!

  3. Love the pictures, and glad you all had a good time. Hope to see you around snapping more… these are GREAT.

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