Posted by: detailsbyhartman | October 23, 2010

Delaney’s Senior Shoot

Ok Ok, I know I have been missing from the blogosphere for a few months now. It’s not because nothing new is happening. Quite the contrary, we have been uber busy photographing some of the most amazing seniors.

One of our favorite senior shoots was with Delaney. Yes, she has perfect hair that seems to be perpetually backlit, and yes, I am jealous. She also has a beautiful natural smile and dresses super cute. We met Delaney, her mom Amy, and her sister Cassidy at their house for the yearbook photo. I spotted a hammock in the backyard that was the perfect spot for a few photos. Amy had to hold the hammock up, as it wasn’t tight against the tree. I think her hard work was worth it. Those photos are so pretty and Amy told us they had spent a lot of time as a family in that hammock. Win! Between their yard and the neighbors property we got a lot of beautiful fall pictures.



After a stop in a soybean field we headed to a cool spot for some graffiti shots. It was dark by the time we climbed aboard an old abandoned train car that we’ve been in love with for a while. Using a variety of lighting techniques, including my car’s headlights (thank you Cassidy for that suggestion) we got incredibly cool shots. Delaney put up with very cold and dirty conditions and still managed a beautiful smile on command. She even kept her cool when a bat flew through the train car. I, however, screamed “bat”, threw my hood over my head, and ducked. Jonathan didn’t notice the bat or my freak out, as he was too busy setting up the next shot.


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