Posted by: detailsbyhartman | June 22, 2012

An hour at the zoo.

One of the joys of living right by the zoo is the ease in which we can stop in on a whim.  After a day of running errands I suggested we run over there for an hour.  We stopped home just long enough to grab our membership card and the point and shoot camera (just in case).  Being members of the zoo, we never feel the need to make a whole day of it when we go.  This means we are usually there when almost no one else is and it means we spend a lot of time at just one or two exhibits rather than a short amount of time trying to see all of them.  For those reasons we often are there to witness behavior that most families of zoo-goers miss out on.  This afternoon we were rewarded with a private show by the mama Amur tiger and her two cubs.  There was a small crowd gathered to watch the three tigers lounging around in the shade.  As soon as everyone walked away I commented to Jonathan, “Not one of the three of them can get comfortable; they are all fidgeting” and it was at that moment the mama decided to jump down from her perch and bolt across the yard with her girl following her.  (I believe it was the girl; I’m pretty sure I was told she was the smaller one.  Someone correct me if I have the cubs mixed up.)  Mama and daughter raced and chased each other around the enclosure and wrestled and tumbled and mouthed at each other.  The little girl was definitely the feistier of the two cubs.  Brother spent a lot more time watching from his perch on the rock (see above photo).  When Mama took a dip both of the cubs joined her.  The cubs stayed near the shallow sides of the pool or climbed on Mom’s back but they never rested for very long.  They wrestled and mouthed at each other and rolled and jumped over Mom and followed her around biting at her heels, tail, neck, and face.  It was an amazing moment for us to witness.

Mom, I got your tail.

One cubby laying on top of Mama.

Another cubby laying on top of Mama while being attacked by its sibling.

The little girl was contemplating climbing on the white plastic thingy in the water until Mom sunk it with her paw.  I think Mama was demonstrating to her girl that it wasn’t a stable surface for a cub to climb on.

Moments before, this little boy was intently staring at a bunny hopping across the sidwalk and then he turned his attention to Jonathan.



  1. Great pictures! We definitely need to visit the zoo together. You two always get the animals just at the right time. Thanks for sharing!!

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