Posted by: detailsbyhartman | July 5, 2013

More Than Meets the Eye

Like every guy my age I grew up watching cartoons:  GI Joe, Thundercats, He-Man, Smurfs, Voltron, the list goes on and on.  Man I loved those cartoons.  One of my favorites was Transformers so you can imagine how geeked I was to find out they were filming a scene for Transformers 4 outside Adrian, Mi.  When Brooke learned that we were only miles away from where they were filming, and where Optimus Prime had earlier been spotted, she insisted we try to find the location and the hunt for Optimus Prime began.


It was not hard to find the location of the filming; we just drove until we saw the lights of the cop cars.  Police had the road we were on completely blocked off but a quick deter down one of those “roads” Michigan is so famous for (It was basically a dirt path through the corn field but there were Transformers about and we were on a hunt.) and we were in view of the action.  We had been informed that the vehicles were being stored at a body shop on the corner where the filming was taking place.  Sure enough , surrounded by cornfields, was a body shop with a handful of tarp-covered cars out front.  But that wasn’t all that was out front.  Sitting in front of the garage, in full view of the road, was the man himself, head of the Autobots… Optimus Prime!


Security surrounded the body shop but we were allowed to take pictures from the opposite side of the road.  So we joined the small crowd standing in the rain and I took pictures of Optimus, while Brooke held an umbrella over my camera.  I got a few shots when Brooke noticed there were vehicles coming toward us down the blocked off section of road.  I looked to see what she was talking about and “Holy Crap!” Optimus was driving down the road along with another cool looking semi.  There is a second Optimus!!  Brooke tells me to run to the intersection where the police barricade was set up because the vehicles would be coming right at me.  I think I ran over a few kids, and maybe a parent or two.  As the trucks came closer they stopped in the middle of the road and “posed” for a few shots.


The two semis, followed by a military vehicle, several smashed up cars being “carried”, and various production vehicles made their way past the police barricade, around the corner, and back to the body shop to be stored for the night.  By this time a good size crowd of fans and onlookers were gathered on the side of the road.  We were all shocked and thrilled to see so many of the movie’s big stars driving right toward us.  Optimus Prime and the others drove just feet away from me; it took me back to being a kid.  I was equally wowed by the new guys as I was the old favorite.  There was another old friend there on location.  Two bumblebees were being stored in the garage of the body shop.  They were both covered by tarps the entire time we were there.  The crew even took great care to ensure the crowd didn’t get a peek at either Bumblebee when the tarps were lifted just enough to allow a driver to climb in the passenger side, which was facing away from us.  So, sadly, I didn’t get any great shots of Bumblebee.


This is as close as I could get to Bumble Bee. See the little bit of yellow popping out.


I hope the photos I took may spark the little kid in all of you, as the experience did for me.  As for the wonderful people of Paramount, THANK YOU, for some great movies.  I can not wait for the 4th one.                                                                                                                  UPDATE:   Come back I just got more shots and will post them soon.


There is MUCH debate about this new vehicle AUTOBOT or DECEPTICON ?








I think this is my favorite detail on OPTIMUS






notice the optimi



Love this 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray


This AUTOBOT is HOUND. Cool huh?





Nice looking Lamborghini Aventador


Cleaning up after the TRANSFORMERS


from the video I saw this crew vehicle is used to ram another car out of the way.


Notice the device under the car to flip it over.



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